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Security Labels : Individual customer security label needs vary. Sometimes looking for a deterrent (overt security) sometimes looking for evidence of tampering (covert).

Tamper evident label materials come in many formats such as destructible film that fragments when an attempt is made to remove the label. This makes total or clean removal impossible to all but the most dedicated with time on their hands.

Destructing labels can also leave standard messages such as “VOID” or display a pattern such as a chequer board that indicates any attempt to remove the label.

Custom tamper evident patterns/messages can be made to meet specific customer needs where this is of interest.

Protection of authenticity can be achieved with the incorporation of a hologram. This optical device incorporates multiple images that interchange with the angle of the viewer.

Many other security systems exist to suit specific applications. For example thermo-chromic inks for heat sensitive products. Contact us to discuss your specific needs

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